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April’s here! Somebody told me today April is the hardest month because the weather is a bigger tease than an episode of House of Cards.  I’m ready for a steady warmth for a few weeks until I can complain about the heat.

April is full of changes, and this month begins a monthly book challenge.  Every month I’ll post a reading challenge.  Pick a string of books you like and complete three in a row to win.  Go to our facebook page (or comment below) and tell us what you read and how you liked it. This month I’m putting everyone who completes the challenge name into a hat and pulling a winner.  The winner will receive a $5 amazon gift card.  That’s half an Amazon e-book.  So get started.  I’m reading diagonal and here are my choices.

A Book on Thomas Jefferson:  Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings by Stephen O’Connor.  It comes out this month.  I’ve always had a fascination with Sally and Tom. I’m really excited for this book.

Free Book: The Bad Girl: A Novel by Mario Vargas Llosa.  A book for another reading challenge, I’m a little skeptical.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin.  I read this book last year and loved it.  If you want a free audio version try the Classic Tales Podcast, it’s free and super well done.

Want a harder challenge?  Try April’s Book Bingo

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Kaitlin Moore Morley is passionate about storytelling, the kind of our imagination and the kind of our experiences.

She works as a hospital chaplain where she collects love stories and as a pastor where she collect biblical narrative. She holds an undergraduate in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester in England and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

She lives in Evansville, Indiana in an old (very cold) Victorian house with her husband, Darren and their dog Olga.

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