Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers

Darren and I have decided to do more a minimalist Christmas and only do stocking stuffers for each other.  By minimalist we mean cheap… and by cheap we mean lets give each other a trip someplace and do small gifts on Christmas.

Finding stocking stuffers for an architect is a beast and I’ve relied on a number of architect websites for ideas.  If your people are book readers (or if you need to drop a hint for your love) here are some awesome stocking stuffers for book lovers.

Banned Book Book Socks

How awesome is it to wear a literary reminder on your feet of the importance of the freedom of speech?  Available for $10 on Amazon or Uncommon Goods also availailabe in a coffee mug, tote bag, or clutch.

Storiart Book (Scarfs, Pillow Covers, Writers Gloves, Baby Blankets)

As a stocking stuffer last year Darren gave me writers gloves and scarf with Jane Eyre on it (Jane Eyre was the reading at our wedding a week later).  It has quickly become my favorite scarf and it’s the single most complimented thing in my wardrobe.  Available from $12-$48 on Storiart and also on Amazon  a huge bonus is you can get it in a wide range of classics so check and out to see if you can find your favorite.

Mini Library Tea Lights

With smells like “aged page,” “pemberly park” and “moonlit moors”  these small variety tea candles are perfect to light while you’re in the bathtub with a good book.  Available for $15 at uncommon goods  If you want a larger candle check out an Antique Book scented candle available for $16 or check out Frost Beard Studio which has a wide variety of themed candles (old books, new books, harry potter, outlander, gatsby etc) for $18.  They also have some fun tea light variety packs.

Literary Matchbooks.

I think these are hilarious.  Small matchboxes that look like penguins books with clever
screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-2-42-31-pmbathroom titles like Fart of Darkness, Van Winkle Ripped, and One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Bum.  Pack of three available for $6.50 or own all of them for $38.00 on Easy.  If fart puns aren’t your thing you can check out book matchboxes without the pun for $3 each

Edgar Allen Poe Earrings

I’m obsessed with these.  Put a santa hat on anything and I’m a fan but these are fabulous a screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-2-49-26-pmAvailable for $13.95 on Etsy.  If Poe isn’t your thing you can also try a Pride and Prejudice brooch  or Alice in Wonderland hairpins

Literary Cookie Cutter

I know a friend who is TOTALLY getting Shakespeare (available from Etsy.)  This Etsy shop has other literary options such as Emily Dickens, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen etc.  Or go a different route and pick up Sherlock Homes from Amazon for $2.99)


These magnetic arrow bookends are so cool and would totally fit in a stocking, available from Amazon for $24.92.  There are plenty of other options that may not fit in a stocking but would totally work as a regular christmas gift like this leaning bookend available from Amazon for $20.90.
Kindle or Cell Phone Cover

This is a big stocking stuffer but one your person will freak out over.  Keep your eye on Amazon, they regularly run specials where you can pick up a Kindle for $59.99, or even cheaper (the $30 range if you buy it used or buy a Kindle Fire).  Kindles are fabulous for traveling and I’ve even been known to tuck it in my back pocket when I go out just in case I have a few minutes to read.   If your book lover already has a kindle go for a funky kindle cover like this one with Sherlock Holmes on it.  If Kindle isn’t your thing then try out a this cell phone cover with a quote from The Tempest, or this fantastic cell phone cover with a vintage library card featuring Hamlet.

Dishtowels screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-59-01-pm

A fun way to add a little book your kitchen.  Etsy has some super cute T.S. Elliot and Jane Austen ones. Or for something a little bigger try a literary shower curtain from Cafe Press, it’s a fun fairly compact way of adding a little more book to your bath.  The one pictured to the right is from the Alice in Wonderland line.

Mac Book Sticker

These are fun stickers that typically use the apple logo on the back of the computer to complete a picture.  A lot of them are movie based, but there are a hefty amount of books like Lord of the Rings,  Alice in Wonderland, or the Giving Tree

I Lied… Here is Number 11

Look at these AMAZING book tights available for $23 dollars on Etsy.  Available in several different book themes I’m in LOVE with the Jane Eyre ones.  HINT FREAKING HINT, DARREN… now I’ll know if you read my blog or not.  screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-5-20-48-pm

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