Blind Owl

April 3, 2017 0

I stumbled on the Blind Owl while researching great Iranian literature.  It was constantly touted as one of the best, so I found a copy and promptly devoured it in an afternoon.  Presumably, the book […]

Books Featuring People Who Work with Death

October 26, 2016 0

My husband, myself, and our dog Olga recently moved cross-country for his work.  In turn, I quit both of my jobs and somewhat unexpectedly dedicated myself to being a full-time stay-at-home-dog-mom.  While it’s been rewarding work […]

Spooky Books for Every Grade

October 12, 2016 1

I have been obsessed with all things spooky since I was little.  As a young kid… we are talking really young… like seven…. I would venture through the haunted house in our town alone while my […]


October 4, 2016 0

If you like the look of this book please click-through here to view it on Amazon.  It is of no cost to you but helps me to pay for birth control so I don’t have […]

Ten Novels that Exploit Common Phobias

October 1, 2016 0

Last year my brother drove from Las Vegas to Nashville in a day and a half.  That’s a 27 hour drive in 36 hours.  He kept himself awake by chain-smoking, rolling the car windows down, […]

Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

May 5, 2016 1

I’ve never much been into learning about the presidents.  Political intrigue is not my thing.  It makes me paranoid.  The only brief interest I’ve had in any president is Thomas Jefferson, mostly because his love story […]

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