December Book-Tac-Toe

November 25, 2016 0

December is the perfect month to get your audiobook on.  You’re busy around the house, making cookies, cleaning, decorating, staring stary eyed at the Christmas tree.   Having an audiobook is the perfect way to keep […]

November Book-Tac-Toe

November 1, 2016 0

I’m an introvert of the worst degree.  My favorite Thanksgiving was the year I had to work nights at the hospital so I binge watched “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on my parent’s couch while […]

October Book-Tac-Toe

September 25, 2016 0

October is here!  As everybody knows, October is the best month of the year.  The weather is perfect, the leaves are colorful and the promise of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all hang in the air. […]

May 2016 Book Tac Toe

May 5, 2016 0

Book Tac Toe was pretty popular on Pintrest this last month but not a lot of inspiring comments here or on Facebook! If you complete three books and make a Tic Tac Toe ,comment in […]

April Book Tac Toe

April 4, 2016 1

April’s here! Somebody told me today April is the hardest month because the weather is a bigger tease than an episode of House of Cards.  I’m ready for a steady warmth for a few weeks […]